When Should You Service Your Kia? Let Our Experts Fill You In

That's actually a question we hear a lot here at Kia of Wilmington, especially since service needs can vary by everything from model, model year, and equipment to environmental conditions and the kind of driving you do. However, there's an easy answer to it: you can always default to your Kia owner's manual's maintenance schedule when in doubt, or, if you're still unsure, get in touch with a team of car repair professionals like those here at our on-site Kia service center. Looking for the short list? We'll be happy to give you the rundown.

For one, it's a good idea to get your oil changed about every 3,750 miles to keep your engine free and clear of gunk and debris. Approximately every 7,500 miles, or at 3-month intervals, you should once more flush and replace your engine oil as well as change your oil filter and check and fill your fluids.

At the 7.5-month mark, have your tires rotated and filled to the proper PSI. After your next 15,000 miles or every 15 months or so, be sure to replace your cabin's air filter, have your brake pads and discs inspected and cleaned. At every 30,000-mile or 30-month mark, get your fuel filter and wiper blades replaced if necessary, have your brake, transmission, and differential fluids checked, and take your belts and bearings for an inspection.

Finally, every 30 months -- that's about 60,000, 90,000, or 120,000 miles -- get your spark plugs replaced, and anytime it's recommended, have your vehicle's timing belt serviced.

Of course, our Kia-certified techs can help with all of this, with a comprehensive inspection to help diagnose and repair any problems common to complex along the way. If you'd like to set up an appointment, you can do so from wherever you're browsing -- just fill out our convenient scheduling form, and we'll bring you in post haste, whether from here in town, up in West Chester, PA, down in Dover, over in Newark, DE, or out in Elkton, MD. We look forward to seeing you here on Pennsylvania Avenue!

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