Kia Leads the Way in Providing Excellent Protection for Your Kia Model Through a New Kia Warranty!

Whether you are thinking of purchasing a new Kia model or are still on the fence, you should first know about the many warranties which we provide here at Kia of Wilmington. These warranties help keep the most important components of your new Kia model covered and protected from any accidents, damage, which might occur in your daily commute to Newark, by giving you access to excellent repairs and authentic parts at minimal cost to you! While almost every vehicle manufacturer backs their vehicles with one or more warranties, you might find that theirs do not last as long and do not cover long-term deterioration or wear-and-tear when you need coverage the most. With a Kia warranty from our Wilmington dealership, you will be able to bring your Kia model in for repairs and maintenance through our service center and get the most important parts repaired and maintained for either low or no cost! Let's take a look at our available warranties and you can decide if a new Kia model is worth your time. Our dealership is located less than an hour outside of Dover and our new warranties for 2018-2019 Kia models include:

  • A 10-year/100,000-mile Powertrain Limited Warranty
  • A five-year/60,00-mile Basic Warranty
  • A five-year/100,000-mile Anti-Perforation Warranty
  • And the five-year/60,000-mile Roadside Assistance Plan

How Do These Warranties Work?

If you are unfamiliar with how warranties work for vehicles, let us clear everything up. A warranty is, essentially, like an insurance policy that comes standard when you purchase or lease a new Kia model from Kia of Wilmington. Each warranty keeps your vehicle covered from external damage or long-term deterioration for a certain period of time, either by the passage of time or the amount of distance you drive. As an example, if a warranty says it lasts for "10 years or 100,000 miles," the warranty expires when you surpass one of those goals and it is recorded by whichever event occurs first, whether you drive the Kia model for 10 years, but do not hit the mileage limit or you rack up 100,000 miles in a shorter period of time than 10 years, which might be possible if you are someone who frequently commutes to and from Elkton, MD.

Another question that customers like you have is what parts are covered under these warranties. Each Kia warranty covers different aspects of the vehicle, giving you access to repairs should any accidents occur, which can happen even in the case of safe drivers such as yourself. Our Powertrain Warranty, as its name states, covers the engine, transmission, drive-line, and any other related parts of these areas should they run into damage. The Anti-Perforation Warranty covers different components of the body, undercarriage, and most other metallic components of your Kia model from perforation related to corrosion and rust, which can happen over time. When any of the covered parts breaks down or deteriorates, simply schedule a service appointment and have the parts fixed or replaced by our team of factory-trained mechanics. Your costs will remain priced at zero as long as the part in question is covered under warranty, and replacement parts will always be genuine Kia components. The Kia brand offers toll-free 24/7 roadside assistance through the Roadside Assistance Plan, should you ever need it, and the Kia Warranty reimburses you $100 a day for any breakdowns or accidents that occur more than 150 miles outside of your home residence.

Let's Get Started!

Our Kia warranties help you to protect your investment in the long-term and help you to save as much as you can. They are just more reasons why a Kia model is a smart purchase for the journey ahead, so come on down to Kia of Wilmington and test drive a new Kia today. Check out more information on our current Kia warranties here in Wilmington, including brochures, and come see us here at 1603 Pennsylvania Avenue, less than 40 minutes outside of West Chester. See you soon!

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