You need a new car. That is apparent to everyone you know. You know what you want and need. Something not too big and not too small. That special Goldilocks sedan. There are plenty of compact cars out there that can find your money. But all of them are the new Kia Forte. It brings you a ton of standard features you are certain to enjoy. Especially with the new additions made to the lineup.

But how would we say the new Kia Forte ranks against its peers, in particular the Honda Civic? Kia of Wilmington has done the leg work to save you some time by comparing these two options. We have done exhaustive research to help you determine which of these is the better option for you. We compare every feature, inside and out. Take a look and see what catches your eye.

You'll find yourself getting farther on your quest from Newark, DE to West Chester with the fuel economy of the Kia Forte. When driving the base level four-cylinder with the Continuously Variable Automatic transmission, you earn an EPA-estimated 31 mpg in the city and incredible 41 mpg on the highway from Salem, NJ to Elkton, MD. That gives it an edge over the CVT of the Civic hatchback. Both are available with a six-speed manual transmission or the CVT.

That is just one way the Kia Forte tops the Honda Civic. Another might be in the realm of infotainment features. The Civic will make you pay extra for Apple or Android smartphone integration to go along with its puny five-inch display. Meanwhile, with the Kia Forte you get those features standard on a vibrant eight-inch touchscreen display. When you line up the features side-by-side, you will find the Kia Forte brings you more bang for your buck.

Discover the difference for yourself. Turn to our research as you start looking for the perfect compact car to fit your lifestyle. Do you like everything the new Kia Forte offers or is there something else you might like in the new Honda Civic? Either way, don't make a decision until you visit Kia of Wilmington to explore this exceptional car for yourself.

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