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Same-Week Service Appointments Available

  • Your time is valuable, and we understand that!
  • Take advantage of Available Same-Week Service Appointments for routine and scheduled maintenance visits. Some area competitors schedule as much as 3 weeks out for routine service visits; not us!
  • Although not every service visit can occur the same week, we will do our best to out-service our competitiors. Often, we can even offer same-day or next-day service!
  • No need to wait for our competitors! Call or Click Here to schedule your service visit!

A Premium Vehicle Service Experience

  • We have one of the highest Kia Service Satisfaction Index Ratings in our area - according to our monthly Customer Satisfaction Survey rankings comparing Kia of Wilmington to zone, region, and national rankings.
  • Our AutoTeam Delaware dealer group includes Kia of Wilmington, Delaware Subaru, & Delaware Cadillac. We literally ARE the Cadillac of Kia dealerships! Take advantage of all of the Premium-Brand services we offer in our Kia Sales & Service departments.

Free Loaner Vehicles

  • We are one of the only Kia Dealerships nationally to offer a fleet of brand-new Kia Service Loaner Vehicles!
  • Take advantage of Available FREE Loaner Vehicles during Major Maintenance Service Intervals or select Warranty repairs!
  • Drive the newest model year Kia models to test out your next new Kia!
  • Call or Click Here to inquire about availability and qualifying services.

Free Shuttle Service

  • We offer FREE Shuttle Service for local destinations.
  • Drop your vehicle off for service, and let our Service Shuttles transport you to your local destination, and provide return transport to our dealership upon vehicle service completion during service hours.

Free Multi-Point Vehicle Inspections

  • We perform FREE Multi-Point visual inspections of your vehicle at every service visit.
  • Our Factory Traned Technicians visually inspect all major mechanical components on your Kia vehicle to ensure your vehicle is kept operating in peak performance. For qualifying Kia Warranty repairs, our Technicians can offer to complete repairs while your vehicle is in for service, absolutely FREE - saving you time and money.

Free Car Wash

  • We perform FREE Car Washes for all Major Maintenance Services, Major Warranty Repairs, and we do our best to perform Free Car Washes for EVERY service visit!

Competitive Service, Parts, & Accessory Pricing

  • Take advantage of our Website Specials, where we Always Have Specials. Always! Click Here to review our current Service Specials.
  • We monitor pricing regularly against other area dealerships and independent service centers throughout our entire area to ensure our services are priced competitively, and often times, Better than our competition!

Free In-Dealership Amenities for Wait Services

For clients who desire to wait for their vehicle while in for service, we offer several Free amenities:

  • Wi-Fi
  • Television
  • Magazines
  • Coffee
  • Bottled Water
  • Snacks
  • A designated Waiting Lounge in our Kia Showroom

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Note: We will do our best to accommodate all service appointment requests. Loaner, Valet, Shuttle, Car-Wash, and Same-Week scheduling varies by availability. Contact Kia of Wilmington for details. Purchase experience score rankings based on 2018-2019 data provided by Kia Motors.

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